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About Agripreneur program

Educating the Agribusiness and tech-entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Founded in 2019 as a collaboration between CodeFactory Vienna and Agribusiness Academy, the Agripreneur program is designed to combine the growing fields of agribusiness and food with technological and programming skills. Having skills in both fields enables our learners to establish their own business or to work as a consultant or expert at the interface of two exciting, growing fields.

Our 6-month program is delivered fully online and can be attended from anywhere in the world.  Through our cutting-edge learning management system you have access to both the agribusiness and tech-curriculum. At your own pace you you decide when and where you want to study. Biweekly tasks and code reviews which are graded by our experienced trainers and mentors give our program the personal touch and support necessary for successful learning. Study at your own pace, but always have the support and feedback you need to make progress fast.

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