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Agripreneur Program

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About Agripreneur Program


Founded in 2019 as a joint project of Agribusiness Academy and Codefactory Vienna, we are the first program that combines high-level education in both agribusiness and technological skills. Our alumni become proficient leaders in two of the fastest growing fields at once.

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In cooperation of

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Technology Bootcamp

Founded in 2016, Codefactory has trained hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds in webdevelopment, data science and software-testing. Our alumni work as developers or freelancers in many countries in-and outside Europe.

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Agribusiness and food education provider

Agribusiness Academy is a global provider of high-level education in the agri-and food sector. Teaching institutions and individuals from short executive courses to a Mini-MBA, Agribusiness Academy has established itself as a top provider for education in the agri-sector.

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6 month online, self-paced program

combine our program with your other responsibilities

1000 Euros all included

payment options available

alumni and career network

stay connected

self-learning combined with personal mentoring

study self-paced but not alone

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Distance Learning
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Online delivery

 •) 6-month program

•) self-paced learning

•) trainer-graded tasks and feedback

•) drop-in sessions and mentorship

The technical part

•) Codefactory's established coding bootcamp fully online
•) learn the most important frontend and backend technologies
•) become a certified fullstack web-developer
•) build a technology portfolio

The agribusiness part

•) learn everything a food and agribusiness entrepreneur needs to know
•) Study value chains, agri- and food trends, changing customer preferences, supply chain design and many more
•) self-paced short courses by the world's leading agribusiness educator

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